Gallery or store? The exclusive spatial concept of the MCM Experience Store, which occupies a former car repair shop, makes it difficult to distinguish this store from an art gallery. We open the location with a gigantic party featuring sound installations by Dixon & Âme, a performance by the artist Nina Kurtela, and a distinctive DJ set by Chloe Caillet.

We wanted to design a space which invites creatives into the world of MCM. 1976 BERLIN goes along with my idea to evolve the brand with its strong heritage. Customers today are looking for deeper authenticity in the brands they seek, and I believe this culture approach to a retail concept will convey the energy and attitude of MCM to the next generation of consumers."

Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer of MCM


We blur the boundaries between a retail store and a gallery with the world’s first MCM Experience Space 1976 BERLIN. This new home for Berlin’s creative pioneers offers timeless interior design, finely selected events and collaborations, and an exclusively curated assortment.



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